5 Cool Real Time Data Visualizations

5 Cool Real Time Data Visualizations

Real Time Data Visualizations will amaze you with their graphics and how quick you’ll learn knowledge on things like crime rates, the amount of selfies taken in a city, and many more. The collected data can help a business person make excellent decisions based on a larger spectrum of knowledge. The visualized data helps scientists, researchers, and educators gain deeper insight into their desired area of expertise. The bright colors, and organized graphics help put Real Time Data Visualizations front and center for understanding, as well as presenting facts for ideas and proposals. There are many visualizations that are fascinating, but we will take a look at 5 cool visualizations that might peek your interest.


Tweetping is a fascinating look at what is happening on the inside of twitter. It helps you find out instantly what are the most used words and subjects at the time. Tweetping helps you understanding the pulse of the nation and the world through the eyes of the twitter users. This Real Time Data Visualization was created by Franck Ernewein and allows us at any given moment to see what the most important subject that is pushing people’s buttons and making them sound off.

tweetping real time data visualization

World Births and Deaths Real Time Data Viz

World Births and Deaths, if you can overcome the initial creepiness of the concept that it flashes the births and deaths at every moment of the day, you’ll be intrigued. You get to see from all over the world where someone has died and someone is born. It shows the flag of the country where the joy and incident is happening at every moment in time. Seeing these statistics inspires thoughts I’m sure you won’t get anywhere else. World Births and Deaths is well worth the experience and a few minutes of your time.



CrimeMapping.com is another fascinating Real Time Data Visualization site that allows you to find out crime in your neighborhood or anyone else’s. This is great for homebuyers, but it is excellent for law enforcement. Law enforcement can really tackle the crime cells and find out what is happening where. This gives them a great upper hand to understand where crime is being concentrated. This gives them the upper hand to stop crime in its tracks. You can use the information to help stay safe

crime map mapping crime statistics

Music Lover’s Google Timeline

Music Lover’s Google Timeline is for you. This Real Time Data Visualization allows you to see music from a different angle. If you ever wonder what everyone else is listening to, this will tell you. You get to see the genres that reign most popular in any given year up to now. This could help someone getting in to the music industry if they are struggling to decide which genre they should start making music for. This type of knowledge is usually power that can lead to some decent money.

Google's music timeline interactive visual data


The final cool website is DeviantArt.com. You can watch the real time activity of artists communicating and events going on in the world. Started in 2000 by the three founders, Matt Stephens, Angelo Sotira, and Scott Jarkoff it is a helpful creative tool. If you have every delved in the art world then you know that networking is priceless. This Real Time Data Visualization chart is fun to watch and the whole website is a great way to connect and communicate with artists all over the world.

deviantart.com online interactive viz application

Real Time Data Visualizations are excellent tools to draw people into your cause. In a world where you only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention, these pages work. The visualizations also have the ability to bring knowledge to another level. They allow for thinking outside the box, which usually keeps most people centered and moving towards a purpose. Check out the five Real Time Data Visualizations mentioned here and see for yourself.

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