Highlighting Visualization Tools for Big Data

Highlighting Visualization Tools for Big Data

Data analysis isn’t something new. Companies have been analyzing data for many years, and if once it was all done manually, you now have computers and powerful tools and software to help you.

Organization heads need to be on top of everything that happens that may affect their businesses. Either from their client’s side, partners, suppliers, and even competitors. And to do that you need data to analyze so you can optimize your business process.

The amount of data that you have available today is huge. But beyond it, by analyzing it, you’ll discover some patterns or trends that will give you a great insight into your business. And this is exactly what will make your business thrive. By identifying these patterns and trends, you’ll be able to make much more effective decisions.

But even collecting such an amount of data is not easy. The information is spread across different servers, the data formats are different and it would be humanly impossible to do it by hand. In the old days, companies usually used a simple database software that would allow them to gather all the data and process it. Nowadays, with the information overload, it’s virtually impossible to do so.

Big Data is the process that includes gathering, storing, processing, analyzing and also visualizing this huge amount of information.

Below you can find some companies that provide big data tools:

IBM Big Data Analytics

One of the most well-known big data tools is IBM. IBM is built on Hadoop, making it extremely affordable, fast, and free.
Companies can use this tool to gather, manage, and analyze, both structured and unstructured, data. They also allow you to gather and analyze real-time data, which is a great feature for many companies. And much better than just seeing a report filled with data is to be able to visualize the data. IBM is also one of the top visualization tools for big data.

 IBM Open Platform 4.1 with Apache Hadoop


Microsoft warehouse solutions can handle all kinds of data, from the most varied sizes, with great performance. You can use data sources that include videos, devices, RFID, mobile, social, web logs, sensors, click streams, and much more. By using the latest technology, Microsoft can give you almost instant results from your queries. What used to take hours, is almost available now in real-time.

microsoft big data tools

Dell Big Data Analytics

Dell Big Data Analytics is also one of the big data tools that is commonly used.It combines the latest technology with visualization capabilities and easy-to-use search. Data can be gathered almost in real-time, from different applications and data stores.

It’s very important to be able to gather, and process all the data you have at your disposable just like this big data tools do. But it’s also important to deeply analyze it. One of the ways many companies have to do this is by using visualization tools for big data. It doesn’t only require you to look at the data, but data visualization helps you uncover some key points that may be crucial for your business to succeed.

Statistica by Dell is one of the visualization tools for big data

Here are different visualization tools for big data you can use:

Data-Driven Documents

Data-Driven Documents is a Javascript library that allows you to manipulate documents based on data, You can use HTML, CSS, and SVG. You can use D3 to create an HTML table and then use the same data to create an interactive SVG chart with interactions and transitions.

data driven documents screenshot what is big data


Dygraphs is another comprehensive Javascript library that is very flexible and fast. This visualization tool gives you a lot of interaction with every major browser and even on tablets and mobiles. And since it’s highly customizable, you’ll get your graphs the way you like.

DYGRAPHS online tool for big data

Tableau Public

Tableau Public ┬áis one of the best visualization tools for big data you can use. It’s extremely simple to create the perfect visualizations since it uses a simple drag & drop. When you’re done with your chart or graph, just save and you can then share your visualizations with everyone.

Tableau Public dashboard


If you want to create beautiful visualizations quickly, ZingChart may be a good option. You can choose from a wide range of chart types and you can customize almost every details.
zing chart data viz gallery

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