The Best 6 Data Visualization Software

The Best 6 Data Visualization Software

If you are looking for the best way to look at your data, there are many data visualization software that can help you. Here are the best ones that you can start using today:

* Sisence is a data visualization software specially designed for big and complex data. They allow you to gather the data from multiple sources with a simple drag & drop system. The software is very intuitive which becomes pretty handy since you’re using a big volume of data. Then, to visualize the data itself, you use an interactive web dashboard where you can see if from a lot of different perspectives. With Sisence, you have the power of different tools combined in only one data visualization software.

Sisence best data visualization software

If you’re looking for a data visualization software to planning, reporting, budgeting, consolidation, then you might considerPerformance Canvas Financials. If you are used to Microsoft user interface, you won’t have any problems using this software. Importing the data is done with one single click and they give you pre-built standard reports that you can simply adjust to your personal preferences.
Glimpse is a data visualization software specially designed to improve healthcare businesses. The software helps you measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities and even forecasting future trends. Glimpse searches directly in your database for key metrics and then it incorporates all the data into reports automatically. The data is updated daily which allows you to control your business.

glimpse data visualization and analysis software

Omniscope is a data visualization software that integrates both a data manager – importing and preparing the data from multiples places, and a data explorer – presenting all the data in a beautiful way. You can either see the data in charts and graphs, in maps and networks or use images and video. You don’t need to have any special skills to use Omniscope.


Advizor Solutions is a data visualization and predictive analytics software that can help your company. The software gathers the data and prepares it and you can then visualize it on their interactive dashboards and reports. One of their main advantages is that they can gather big volumes of data and prepare it automatically for you.

AnyChart is a highly customizable and mobile-ready data visualization software. You can build the charts you need in real-time and see them on your computer, or you can export their beautiful charts to PDF and distribute the report. AnyChart is incredibly easy to use and they have a lot of different charts to choose from. They cover the “normal” charts like bar or pie charts, but they also include angular gauges, polar chart types, among many others.Data visualization is key in today’s world. You need to look for patterns, trends, and the way they connect with each other, to make the right decisions on your business. All the data visualization software mentioned above will give you the ability to find all the information you need to make better decisions and to grow your business.

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