Best Free Visualization Tools Available in 2016

Best Free Visualization Tools Available in 2016

Raw data is extremely boring and people have to go through a lot of hassle when analyzing them. That’s where data visualization tools come into play. Data visualization is powerful enough to deliver data in a simple form, where everybody can digest without any difficulty. The visualized data can be analyzed faster and you will be able to recognize all the interesting patterns. However, you need to get hold of a reliable data visualization tool in order to experience all the benefits that are associated with this technique. Herewith we list some of the best free data visualization tools that are available in 2016.

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Datawrapper data visualization was created by a journalism organization located in Europe. They initially made it with the intention of making data visualization easy for news institutes. It has a web based graphical user interface and people will be able to create their own graphs within just four steps. This simplicity made it a popular application within a short period of time and it motivated the developer to release the tool for people who are in need of a convenient data visualization tool.

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Chart JS

If you are looking for a clean charting library, Chart JS is the best option available out there. However, you will need to have some technical skills to use it. That is because you will be asked to include the library within frontend code to access its functionalities. Once you complete the configuration process, you can use API available in the library to assign values and add charts while assigning values. Chart JS is recommended for the individuals who need precise control over the look of their data visualization charts.

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D3 is a data visualization tool that is specifically designed for data driven documents. It is backed up by a JavaScript library and you will be able to apply data driven transformations directly into your documents. However, D3 is recommended for technical people because you will need to write code in order to generate graphs.

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If you are looking for a web based tool to create data visualizations in few simple steps, Raw would be the best option available out there. You just need to copy paste your raw data in the web interface and give life to stunning visualizations. The visualizations you create with the help of Raw deliver useful information and you will not have to look for any other tool.

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Data visualization tools are available for mobile platforms as well and Leaflet can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. This app has been designed with usability, performance and simplicity in mind. It has the ability to work on all the major mobile platforms as well. The performance of Leaflet can be enhanced with the help of available plugins. In fact, these plugins play a major role behind user friendly, beautiful and well documented data visualizations.
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